Lester Wright Marks 50 Years of Selling SWECO


October of 2019 marked a 50 year work anniversary for Lester Wright.  Lester has been selling SWECO products ever since he started as a field salesman for the company in 1969.  Most of those 50 years have been dedicated to servicing customers right here in the Carolinas.  Lester was a direct employee of SWECO until he retired in 2015.  But he got a little restless so less than one week later he signed on with Preferred Process Solutions, SWECO’s representative in the Carolinas, and picked up right where he left off.  Some notable accomplishments from Lester’s career so far…

  • Worked more than 100,000 hours
  • Logged more than 1,500,000 miles
  • Conducted more than 1,700 lab trials
  • Established more than 1,000 new customers
  • Sold more than 3,000 machines

Lester is a true legend in SWECO lore and we are so proud to have him on our team.  Recently several of members of the SWECO management team made a special trip to Charlotte to host a dinner in recognition of Lester’s incredible milestone.  Included here is a slide show with some pictures from that celebration and a few more from Lester’s first year on the job.

TOMRA Sorter Recovers Product from Waste

This customer came to TOMRA looking to recover good ore from their tailings piles that had been accumulating for years. The tailings consisted of floats from a heavy media separation process. The customer knew that these tailings contained

a lot of good ore, but could find no practical way to recover it. TOMRA proposed using a COM Tertiary XRT 1200 sorter that employs X-ray sensing technology to differentiate good ore from waste. Bulk trials were conducted at the TOMRA lab in Wedel, leading to a decision to purchase the sorter. It was recently installed at the mine site in Nevada. The sorter’s performance has exceeded all expectations. The sorted product has higher than expected purity and the yield was much higher than projected. The net result is that this customer will be able to recover more than 150,000 tons per year of high quality ore from their tailings piles!