Air Classification



The SCIROCCO has become the workhorse of the ECUTEC line owing to its versatility and durability. This turbo-classifier can be used for soft or hard minerals, can handle feed rates up to 50t/h and can produce top cuts as fine as 6 microns. SCIROCCO's disk-and-vane rotor construction makes for easy maintenance. For abrasive minerals the SCIROCCO is supplied with rotor vanes featuring a proprietary hybrid design that combines strength and abrasion resistance leading to exceptionally long service.



The BORA turbo-classifier uses a one-piece rotor manufactured from ceramic, tungsten carbide or a proprietary high hardness steel. The BORA is an economical solution for achieving ultrafine top cuts (as fine as 2 microns) while maintaining reasonable industrial scale production rates, even with hard and abrasive minerals.



The MISTRAL is the ultimate in turbo-classifier technology for soft minerals. It offers the highest ultrafine throughouts on the market, capable of producing nearly 1 t/h of a product having a d98 of 0.5 microns. Its unique dual-discharge design reduces pressure loss and saves energy while dynamic air sealing minimizes the risk of oversize contamination.



For coarser cuts ECUTEC offers its MONSOON  “whizzer” style classifier, a relatively inexpensive standalone unit that requires no external air handling equipment. The MONSOON is ideal for de-dusting, and is often used ahead of screening equipment to reduce nuisance dust and improve screening efficiency.