In-Process Particle Size Analysis

Xoptix in-line particle sizers use the same technology and algorithms as your benchtop laser diffraction analyzer.  So results from the Xoptix are certain to correlate with the instruments that you currently use.  The difference is in the reliability, speed and frequency with which analyses are reported.  Xoptix PSD data is reported in real time, as often as once per second, so you can even use Xoptix results to automatically adjust process parameters to keep particle sizes within spec.  Xoptix analyzers have been proven reliable in a wide range of applications:

  • wet or dry processes
  • particle sizes from 0.5 microns to 1mm
  • sampling from gravity, pneumatic or liquid flows
  • industrial, food or pharmaceutical grade construction 


So think about it, which method would you rather use to monitor your process?


The old way:

  1. Manually take a sample…and hope the operator does it correctly
  2. Label the sample container…"dang, this Sharpie won’t write!”
  3. Walk the sample to the lab…"sure thing, right after my lunch break"
  4. Put the sample in the lab queue…”take a number!”
  5. Split out a representative sample in the amount necessary for analysis…”hmmm, that looks about right”
  6. Run the sample through the analyzer…and wait
  7. Save the data file…hopefully with the proper file name


The Xoptix way:

  1. View the latest PSD on your PC screen.
  2. Wait one second.
  3. Repeat step 1.


The answer is easy: Xoptix!