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The Xolertic companies Sinterpack and Prodec specialize in the design and development of customized end-of-line automation starting from a product in its primary packaging up to the delivery of a finished pallet in a warehouse.  Their engineering teams analyze every application in detail in order to deliver efficient and cost effective turnkey automation solutions.

  • Batching 
  • Box forming & filling
  • Labelling
  • Palletizing
  • Strapping / wrapping 
  • Pallet transport




Kraft Foods


General Mills




Sara Lee



CR-101: Robotic top loading case packer


The CR-101 is a top loading robotic, compact and flexible case packing solution for forming, filling and closing of cases in a single monoblock. The filling of cases is done by robot, adjusting speed according to product type, with expandable capacity depending on the required production output. This system is readily adaptable to products whose irregular or unstable forms are not easily managed at high production rates.



Collaborative robots ("Cobots") are a new generation of robots that are characterized by their interaction with human beings within production lines. They are easily programmed and integrated with humans in manufacturing environments where they can work together without the safety restrictions that are mandatory in typical industrial robotics applications.