World of Concrete Product Demonstration

Since travel protocols prevented us from personally exhibiting at the 2022 World of Concrete, visitors to our booth can watch the below 1 minute video to get an idea of what they would have seen had we been able to staff our booth and set up our demo rig.  Using the same technology as laboratory laser diffraction analyzers, the IntelliSizer automatically extracts a small sample of cement from the process flow as often as once per second and immediately delivers a complete particle size distribution. Measuring particle sizes from 0.1 microns to 1mm, and capable of sampling from flows of up to 300t/h, Xoptix instruments have demonstrated their value with over 150 successful installations in cement plants around the world.  Special PSD output modes include both sieve and Blaine fineness emulation.  The instant feedback provided by the IntelliSizer allows operators to see the effects of process adjustments in real time, enabling milling system optimization that delivers higher product quality and reduces per-ton energy cost.

Product Demonstration Using Glass Beads

Please note that the material used for the demonstration is NOT cement (cement can be a bit messy in a trade show booth!).  We used glass beads of two different sizes, some coarse and some fine.  These beads are much coarser than cement particles so the Blaine values displayed will not be those you are accustomed to seeing.  Nevertheless in the demo one can see how, as it should, the Blaine value decreases when the particle size sampled by the system increases.